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Philip Dickson Photography

Philip Stanley Dickson is a highly experienced freelance photographer in Edinburgh with a large portfolio of published work in local and national publications. Philip shoots commercial photography, PR photography and family portrait photography.

Philip Dickson Photography has been trading since 2008, but a further 10 years in the photographic trade prior to that has really paid dividends as Philip has a deep understanding of the craft of taking and presenting stunning imagery.


Studio work takes place in St Margaret's House, Meadowbank (Edinburgh) and Philip also travels to workplaces and locations all across Edinburgh and its surrounds.

Philip also beautifully photographs weddings and has a dedicated website for this here:

Commercial & PR Photography
Philip Dickson Photography has delivered successful shoots for hundreds of clients, from huge national companies to tiny sole traders. He has worked with many PR companies to get the strongest possible imagery for their briefs and to help promote their clients' stories, products and services.

Some clients come with a fully developed brief and sense of the final aesthetic of the image, but in truth they are rare! It's far more common for clients to have little or no idea at all of how to execute a shoot to get the best possible results. Philip's vast experience helps, as he will guide inexperienced clients through the process and make sure that the images delivered are the very best to tell the story required, whether that is a strong product shot, or an impassioned speaker at an event, or a visually rich fashion shot or an exact replica of a work of art.

Portrait Photography
Book in for a family portrait photography session and you will be rewarded with a set of stunning photos with perfectly captured expressive moments from your nearest and dearest, which you will treasure forever more.

Philip also shoots model portfolios, please enquire for pricing and availability.