Edinburgh Zoo  - Refurbishment of Penguin Café and Mansion House
One of the larger assignments was photographing Edinburgh Zoo's landmark building, the Mansion House after it had undergone extensive refurbishments. The brief was to shoot each room set up in all the possible permutations of seating and services to showcase the flexibility of the spaces to cater for small meetings, family gatherings, large meetings, corporate functions and weddings. This involved a long, full day of photography to a tight, well co-ordinated schedule and working closely with the zoo's team to facilitate all the changes throughout the day.

In addition, the zoo's excellent kitchen team produced some amazing food dishes and buffet selections to demonstrate the very high quality of catering available on site.

The Penguin Café also underwent a radical refurbishment and expansion and has completely transformed into a top-class modern café with iconic design elements. The brief was to show the iconic designs, the available spaces and give a flavour of a busy functioning café, which would not look out of place in the trendier parts of town.

Two elements of this project particularly appealed to me, the first being my love of Edinburgh Zoo generally. From early childhood to now I still get caught up watching the hi-jinks of the animals every time I visit, they never fail to entertain. Secondly, I'm passionate about seeing Edinburgh's older buildings being rejuvenated and playing my part in telling the story of that transformation. It genuinely fills the heart with wonder and pride when the spaces inside are brought up to the standard of the original (centuries ago). I think Edinburgh Zoo has exceeded all expectations and the Mansion House is right up there with the best venues in Edinburgh for all manner of gatherings.​